Events in 2020 (the first World Postcard Day!)

All events celebrating the World Postcard Day that we have learned about are listed below.

For events of the 150th anniversary in 2019, check here.


Postcrossers meeting in São Paulo (and online)

3 October 2020

Brazilian postcrossers are meeting — with social distancing — in São Paulo on October 3rd to celebrate the World Postcard Day. There will be an accompanying online video chat for those who would like to join remotely.



Educational activity in primary schools

1 October 2020

Croatia Post helped 17,000 students in 500 primary schools throughout the country learn more about mail and postcards with the help of an educational video featuring their mascot, Marko Markica. The students were offered postcards, which they wrote during the class.


Faroe Islands

Faroe's Post Postcard and Cancellation Mark

1 October 2020

Posta has issued a special postcard by the artist A.E. Petersen to celebrate this special day. It can be purchased both mint or franked, and cancelled with a special postmark on 1 October 2020.

postcard cancellation mark


Postcard Workshop at the Finnish Postal Museum (Tampere)

1 October 2020

On World Postcard Day, the Postal Museum's Messengers exhibition will have a postcard writing workshop open to the public, where limited quantities of postcards and stamps will be offered. This workshop is organized in collaboration with the Finnish Postcrossing Friends association.



DebutPex 2020 - Online postcard exhibition

1-7 October 2020

An online postcard exhibition will take place starting on October 1st to celebrate the World Postcard Day. The event will run until October 7th.



Postcrossers host an online postcard exhibition

A group of Indonesian postcrossers, in times of social distancing, opted for doing an online postcard exhibition on Instagram!



Jersey Post's Design Competition

September - October 2020

Jersey Post is organizing a design competition to celebrate the World Postcard Day. The goal of the competition is to choose three new postcards that fit the theme Celebrating Jersey!, in three age categories (under 7, 7—11, and 12+).



Malta Postal Museum's Postcard and Cancellation Mark

1 October 2020

The Postal Museum in Malta has designed a special set of postcards with wonderful games for children (and adults too) on the reverse, and is offering free postage to anywhere in the world on 1st October! There's also a special cancellation mark to commemorate the day!

postcard cancellation mark


Postcrossers meetup in Oslo

3 October 2020

Postcrossers in Norway are getting together on October 3rd in Oslo to celebrate the World Postcard Day with pizza and postcards.



Special Postcard and Cancellation Mark

1 October 2020, 10am

Poczta Polska and the Museum of Post and Telecommunications (Wrocław 1, Krasinskiego Str) have joined forces to celebrate the World Postcard Day! Together, they've made a special postcard and cancellation mark, both of which will be available at the Wrocław 1 Post Office.

There will be also a meeting of postcrossers at the Museum to celebrate the special day.

postcard cancellation mark

Online postcard exhibition

The Lawendowej's Municipal and public library of Gdańsk is hosting an online postcard exhibition of a local collector to celebrate the World Postcard Day. More details are available here.



World Postcard Day Cancellation Mark

1 October 2020

CTT will have a World Postcard Day commemorative cancellation mark in Lisbon, at the Restauradores post office. If you'd like to send postcards with this cancellation mark but you don't live in Portugal, check these instructions.

cancellation mark


Sverdlovsk Regional Universal Scientific Library showcases their postcard collection

1 October 2020, 4pm GMT+5

To celebrate the World Postcard Day, the V.G. Belinsky Library in Sverdlovsk will show some interesting postcards from their collection on an Instagram Live.



Postcards and stamps distributed in schools

1 October 2020

The Singapore Philatelic Museum distributed postcards and stamps in 40 primary schools throughout the country, so that the students could send messages of love and appreciation on postcards to their friends, family and healthcare professionals.



Discounted Postcards at the Swedish Post Museum

1 October 2020

The Swedish Post Museum will be offering a 50% discount on postcards, on their museum shop (located at Lilla Nygatan 6, Gamla stan, Stockholm).



Postcrossers meeting at the Thai Stamp Museum

3-4 October 2020

Postcrossers are getting together to celebrate the World Postcard Day and doing a visit to the Thai Stamp Museum.


United Kingdom

World Postcard Day Talk at Stampex

1 October 2020, 4pm GMT+1

An informal talk and Postcrossing meetup will be held at Virtual Stampex. It will include an introduction to the history of postcards by collector and member of the Royal Philatelic Society London, Graham Winters. Registration is free, but mandatory.



Special postal items at Taipei Beimen Post Office

The Taipei Beimen Post Office Personal Greeting Stamps Center has created special personalized stamps, postcards and a cancellation mark for the World Postcard Day.

cancellation mark postcard stamps

United States

Dalles-Wasco County Public Library

1 October 2020

The Dalles-Wasco County Public Library is organizing writing kits to celebrate the #WorldPostcardDay! There's one for children, teens and adults, and they include a postcard and stamp.

postcard kit

Creative 360 arts cooperative

28 September - 4 October 2020

Did you know that the last week of September is also Neighboring Week in the USA? Non-profit arts cooperative Creative 360 in Midland (MI) is combining that event with the World Postcard Day, by creating and offering postcards that people can embellish and send to their neighbors.

postcard kit

Washington DC - World Postcard Day online video chat

1 October 2020

Postcrossers in Washington DC are having their annual get together changed into an online video chat event to celebrate the World Postcard Day on October 1st.


World Postcard Day online video chat

3 October 2020

A group of postcrossers is hosting an online video chat event on October 3rd for postcrossers to celebrate the World Postcard Day.